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Page | Arizona

I went to Page, Arizona to see the Antelope Canyon’s and Horseshoe Bend not knowing how much I would have to hike. I flew to Las Vegas and drove 4 1/2 hours to Page, Arizona. Road tripping, listening to my favorite songs, and getting some great shots along the way. I arrived in Page and it was the epitome of a boring small town. First stop was the tour of the Antelope Canyon’s we road there in a jeep (the open kind you ride during wild life safari’s). Going up and down hills close to edges of a canyon was pretty scary lol. We walked through lots of sand to see the beautiful lower canyon’s. Absolutely breathtaking! Our tour guide gave us time to roam freely and truly take in the beauty. He shared lots of stories and facts about the canyon’s (he also was a camera man when needed). It’s one of those places you may want to see for yourself if you love hikes and outdoors. Nature speaks to my soul and it highlights how amazing God is for me. So, I felt so at peace and in awe on this tour.

Horseshoe bend was right up the road on the jeep and another hike. My legs were on fire by the time I got out the jeep. I was completely out of breath halfway through, but ya girl made it. Horseshoe bend was pretty high and the first thing he warned us that someone is brave and fall to their death each year. Guess who didn’t get close to the edge ME! Plus its so much sand and so slippery. I peaked over the edge and was like too high. I hope to go back sometime this year and see the Upper Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell, who wants to come with?


What to bring:

  • Good pair of hiking shoes

  • A hoodie it gets cooler when you’re high up

  • TAKE LOTS OF WATER, you will need it

  • Bring snacks the tours are usually 4-5 hours

  • Take a camera if you wish I took all my pictures on my iPhone and they came out amazing

  • Wear a backpack

  • Be safe, don’t fall

-xoxo Desha

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