Marrakech, Morocco 🇲🇦

I traveled to Marrakech, Morocco for about $40.00 and it was the best money ever spent. The flight to get there from Europe cost little to nothing as you can see. It took about 2 hours to get there and I had a middle seat (my seat God was not in my favor this trip). We arrived and the sun was shining so bright. Usually when I travel out the country I pay $10.00 a day with my phone carrier and I can use my phone as I normally do. In Marrakech I could not use my phone and I was a little nervous. The cab drivers seemed very aggressive when we were trying to get a ride. We got closer to our destination and the cab driver let us out literally in the middle of nowhere and this random man was like I’ll help them. My anxiety went through the roof chile.

We stayed in a riad which we had to walk to, because cars can’t get through the arches. So, random man walk us to our destination and demanded that we paid him, he was not happy with the tip. At this point I’m over it. Well, when we got to our riad the lady in the office told us that all prices are negotiable so that’s why everyone seemed so aggressive. She gave us a map and told us how to get around. We dropped our bags off and went to experience Marrakech.

There are certain places on the surface of the earth that passes more magic than others, and one of those places is Marrakech.”

First things first, if you go to Marrakech find a RIAD they are amazing and right in the midst of everything. Be prepared to drink lots of mint tea, fresh mint tea. It’s tradition for them and signifies hospitality and friendship. Everywhere we went someone offered us tea. Walking throughout old-town you will see lots of cats, they are all over so be careful not to step on them. Everyone will try to sell you something or get you to stop in their store. We made lots of stops along the way and I’m Chatty Cathy so I talked to everyone.

I learned so many things about their culture and in that moment I felt okay (initially I was so scared because everyone seemed aggressive and I had no phone). Everyone, is actually really friendly and their way of life is to sell goods to feed their family so they may seem aggressive. The food is absolutely amazing. The food is much cheaper and better in the center of the Jemaa el-Fnaa (The square). Stop by seasoning shops and herb shops. You can learn so many health remedies ( I literally learned how to clear my sinuses right up anytime they began to bother me). You can find so many beautiful gems walking around old-town, stop and shop! Remember that you can negotiate the price they go high because they think American’s are RICH so don’t be afraid to say what you want to pay. I also took a cooking class with a cooking class with a Marrakech native, which was absolutely amazing. She was beyond helpful and the food was delish. She also teaches classes on how to make organ oil and shea butters. Overall Marrakech is amazing and it should def be on your places to go.

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