Hey, Frommm Paris!

Hey, Frommm Paris!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a single mom who always dreamed of seeing Paris, France. Never thought I would see it so soon, because I never thought I could afford it. Welp, I made it and here is the TEA.

So, my cousin hit me up and asked if I would like to go to Paris. My response was hell yes! The best part was that I flew to Paris for $262.00, the worst part was my seat, I was literally two rows from the back of the plane near the restroom. Now, I’m no fan of long flights and the flight was 8 hours, but it wasn’t so bad. We were welcomed with champagne, the drinks were flowing honey, I ate chicken marsala, asparagus, and a side salad for dinner. We also had plenty of snacks like baked cookies, ice cream, croissants, and mimosas. We arrived in France and the airport was like a mall, a lot of high end designers so I kept it pushing lol. We stayed in an Air BnB not far from the Paris and it was very cute and cozy. We traveled on public transportation until they went on STRIKE! I heard that it happens often so if it does just use Uber. What did I do? First stop was visiting the Eiffel Tower and eating a crepe,YUM! We went shopping and ZARA in Paris is 100% better than anything we have in United States. I truly enjoyed waking around and seeing how different things are. All of the fruits and veggies seemed so much fresher.

The children got out of school for two hours for lunch and were able to go home or meet their parents for lunch. The food in Paris was not the best I ever had and everything seemed like it closed entirely too early. Honestly, I thought about how clutch CONEY ISLAND would be a lot. The strike really threw me off so, I didn’t do a lot mainly just experienced the culture and beauty of Paris. I plan on a Paris redo this year, and you know i’ll keep you posted. Next stop from Paris, Marrakech, Morocco.

-xoxo Desha

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